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Just for Me

Inspirational thoughts and Devotional Reading

Just for Me is a collection of inspiring and devotional messages. How often do you read the Bible and think, "This verse was written Just for Me"? This book will remind you that the Bible has present meaning and personal power.


Author: R. B. McElroy

Publisher: DR Creative Art

ISBN: 978-0-9820460-0-5

Non-Fiction, 223 pages


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A collection poems

HE is a story of relationship. It is the poetic chronicle of one man's transformation from boyhood to manhood.
Be immersed in the inner-thoughts of a man who grows from being melodramatic and self-centered into being reflective, compassionate and thankful .


Author & Illustrator: R. B. McElroy

Publisher: DR Creative Art

ISBN: 978-0-9820460-1-2

Fiction, Poetry, ~40 pages


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