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Graphic Art and Design

$50 / hour


Initial consultation is free of charge.

Project/design will be reviewed by the client prior to final payment.

Final payment is made after project/design is completed.

Payments and deposits are non-refundable.

Select your provided service
OPTIONAL Comments:

Quick Project: 1-3 Hour (1-2 Days)


·         2D Graphic design

·         Photo-edit

·         Logo creation

·         Website updates / administration

Regular Project: 4-6 Hour (2-3 Days)


·         Multiple file design, edit, and creation

·         Multiple file logo and banner creation

·         Multiple Photo-edit

·         Pencil drawing

·         Minor website redesign

Extended Project: 7-20 Hour Project (Week/s) +


·         Website design ++

·         Story Development

·         Pencil/CG art piece

+ 3 hour minimum may required for first-time client. Deposit may be required.

++ 1 hour of post-design corrections is free of charge for website design.

* Service is calculated by the hour. Examples are provided above as a point of reference and should not be considered “quotes”.

* Additional Fee for drive (e.g. CD, Flash-memory) copy.


Liability. DR Creative Art takes no responsibility nor assumes liability for copyright, trademark, or any similar infringement claims against you or your company for the requested design/product. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure his/her/the business’ adherence to copyright and trademark laws.

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